Waste Water Heat Recovery for Showers

Recoup Easyfit+

The Recoup Easyfit+ is a stand-alone horizontal WWHRS system designed to slide directly under a standard bath or a walk-in shower tray. Easy to retrofit into an existing system or plan into any property design. This waste water heat recovery system will produce efficiencies of up to 47.6%.

The Recoup Easyfit+ is a very exciting product for the residential retrofit, new-build apartment & social housing markets. SAP listed, easy to install, legionella control risk assessed and virtually maintenance free. The Recoup Easyfit+ offers a combination of price point, efficiency, and ease of installation that has not previously been possible.

Features and benefits

  • Horizontal system designed to fit under a standard bath
  • KIWA validated efficiencies of up to 47.6%, dependant on flow rate
  • Can be retrofitted into an existing system
  • Legionella control risk assessed
  • Option of 3 system installation variations
  • High quality manufacture
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • SAP listed

Product application

House, Bungalow or ground floor, and Apartment Product Application

Product diagram

Recoup Easyfit+ Diagram

Easyfit+ Data & Specification

Specification details

Technical Data - General Information


Performance & efficiency

Technical Data - Performance & Efficiency


Pressure drop on mains water circuit

Technical Data - Pressure Drop on Mains Water Circuit

Easyfit+ installation video

Technical information and downloads

Recoup Easyfit+ Technical SpecificationRecoup Easyfit+ Technical Specification

Technical Specification document for the Recoup Easyfit+.

Download Here…

Recoup Easyfit+ DrawingRecoup Easyfit+ Drawing

Easyfit+ Drawing document.

Download Here…

Recoup Easyfit+ installation and dataRecoup Easyfit+ installation guide and data

Guide to the installation, product details, performance and operation of the Recoup Easyfit+ product.

Download Here…

Recoup Easyfit+ Retrofit Installation Process in PicturesRecoup Easyfit+ Retrofit Installation Process in Pictures

Guide to the retrofit installation of the Easyfit+ shown in pictures.

Download Here…

Recoup Easyfit+ BIM ModelRecoup Easyfit+ BIM Model

The Easyfit+ Building Information Modelling (BIM) is available for download here and on Bimstore with our other products.

Download Here…

Recoup WWHRS BrochureRecoup WWHRS brochure

Recoup's Waste Water Heat Recovery System (WWHRS) Brochure and Portfolio to download, save, print or share. Provides background information on WWHRS and why to use it, SAP assessment, SBEM, BREEAM, Passive House, all product options, features, benefits, installation methods and links to additional useful information. Download here...

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