Waste Water Heat Recovery for Showers

Installation Registration & Product Guarantee

Registration of your Recoup Waste Water Heat Recovery Systems (WWHRS) is important for product guarantee purposes. But also in relation to SAP if applicable for the project and property. Requirements for SAP registration were previously more extensive prior to Spring 2020 as detailed in the section below on the Recoup App and SAP checklist.

Complete the Registration Form below with the details of the WWHRS installation. Upon submission your product will be registered with us and you will receive a certificate by email with the details. For assistance please contact us.

Installation Registration

Registration Form

The Recoup WWHRS App & SAP Checklist

Before SAP registration changes were implemented by BRE (Building Research Establishment) in Spring 2020 it was a specific SAP requirement for WWHRS product installations to be registered in detail. This entailed the completion a SAP checklist in paper form or via the Recoup WWHRS App that was available to download for free.

The Recoup WWHRS App is still available to use for those that have previously registered products with it. However, the simplified process above has replaced this and the previous SAP requirements.

The Recoup WWHRS App User Guide and paper SAP Checklist / Registration Document below is still available to assist anyone that may still require it.

Recoup WWHRS App User GuideRecoup WWHRS App user guide

A user guide to assist with the first use of the Recoup WWHRS App.

Download Here…

Recoup WWHRS SAP Installation Checklist & RegistrationSAP checklist / registration document

A document containing the registration information required as part of SAP prior to Spring 2020.

Download Here…

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