Waste Water Heat Recovery for Showers

Operating Policies


Standard Operating Procedures

1.   Introduction

Company Organisational Chart

1.1    Current and planned company structure (2021-23)

2.   Company Operations

2.1   Key Processes

Operational Policy Documents

3.   Horizon 2025 Mission Statement  – View here

What if we did things differently?

The climate crisis requires urgent action. If not now, when?

By 2025 we commit to:

3.1    Social Consciousness… at the heart of who we are

3.2    Environmental Policy… that goes further

3.3    Business Success… that means more than just profit

4.   Business Ethics & Anti-bribery  – View here

4.1    Introduction

4.2    Scope of Policy

4.3    Legal Obligations

4.4    Policy Statement

4.5    Responsibilities and Reporting Procedure

4.6    Whistle Blowing Service

4.7    Record Keeping

4.8    Sanctions for Breach

4.9    Monitoring Compliance

5.   Human Rights & Modern Slavery  – View here

5.1    Recoup Energy Solutions Company Statement

5.2    Human Rights Assessment within our Business

5.1    Human Rights Assessment within our Supply Chain

6.   Supply Chain Sustainability  – View here

6.1    Recoup Energy Solutions Company Statement

6.2    Supply Chain Mapping

6.3    Supplier Environmental Impact assessment

7.   Health & Safety Policy  – View here

7.1    Responsibilities

7.2    Arrangements

7.3    Consultation with employees

7.4    Safe plant and equipment

7.5    Information, instruction and supervision

7.6    Competency for tasks and training

7.7    Accidents, first aid and work-related ill health

7.8    RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations)

7.9    Types of reportable injury

7.10   Specified injuries to workers

7.11   Over-seven-day injuries to workers

7.12   Injuries to non-workers

7.13   Information

7.14   Monitoring

7.15   Emergency procedures – fire and evacuation

8.   Quality Policy Statement  – View here

9.   Apendix

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