Waste Water Heat Recovery for Showers

WWHRS is a listed Green Deal Measure!

Jul 9, 2012 | Energy Initiatives

Recoup WWHRS listed Green Deal measure with government cashback offer

As the launch of the Green Deal draws closer, the final details start to drop into place. With more and more assessors, installers & providers signing up each day, it looks like the industry as a whole has taken to the Green Deal measure with gusto!

All the measures have been confirmed and we’re delighted to say the WWHRS attached to showers is one of them. Everybody agrees that with our amazing prices, unbelievable efficiencies and therefore fantastic pay back periods, our systems will be a must have for any Green Deal plan. As WWHRS attached to showers will be a ‘Golden Rule’ dead cert, they could also be used to create the extra leverage needed to include other, more expensive measures within Green Deal Plans.

As we have all our systems SAP 2009 listed, as well as all the install variations, we provide full flexibilty for every application.

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