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The issues with singled walled vertical pipe WWHRS

Nov 2, 2014 | Recoup WWHRS

Recoup WWHRS Pipe+ HE vertical pipe WWHRS

As vertical pipe WWHRS become common place in many new build houses, we are asked frequently what to look for when choosing a system.

Of course, efficiencies are very important, and the utilisation factor in SAP is equally as important as it goes towards the final calculated score, but one area that isn’t always considered is the design and installation process.

A key vertical pipe system consideration must be whether it has a single or double walled exchanger. In fact, it can be vital. Whilst a single walled exchanger can be used in the UK, to comply with Water Regulations it MUST have a trap installed downstream of the unit NOT before it, under the bath or shower tray as normal.

This can have the following results/issues:

  • Traps are a common area of blockage, therefore access is essential; usually meaning a hatch in the boxing on the ground floor
  • If the trap does block, draining the 2m long pipe is very problematic once installed
  • There could be noise from falling water going down the pipe hitting the water in the trap
  • Low-profile shower trays with built in traps will create an air block and may not be able to used at all
  • Potentially there is an increased install height requirement to accommodate the trap and connectors, which could cause sitting issues in rooms with standard ceiling heights

The Recoup Pipe+ HE offers not just a double walled exchanger for simple install without key alterations to the plumbing, it benefits from a PVC outer which reduces weight, cost and acts as a theft deterrent through visual appearance and dismantling difficulty. Added to the fact that the Recoup Pipe+ HE is the best performing WWHRS in it’s class through SAP 2012, it really is the only system to use.

Feel free to ask us more about the importance of these key criteria before you specify your WWHRS.

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