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In-use WWHRS outperforms SAP calculations at AIMC4

Sep 14, 2014 | Recoup WWHRS

WWHRS outperforms SAP calculations at AIMC4

WWHRS outperforms SAP calculations. AIMC4 is a unique partnership project consisting of Barratt Homes, Crest Nicholson & Stewart Milne, whose goal was meet code level 4 using innovate fabric led solutions alone. Click here for more. One of the technologies adopted was WWHRS, and it proved to be a great success!

We often get asked about the reality of the excellent SAP scores that WWHRS attracts; does it really achieve such savings in-use? Well, the answer is clear… YES… and more!

Many housebuilders are now using WWHRS, and they do so with utter confidence that their home owners get excellent benefits from having WWHRS, as well as the very useful SAP scores they gain for meeting compliance.

The full reports from AIMC4 are now available, so click here to start reading the impartial and very favourable reaction to our simple, but great technology!

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