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Recoup CPD Programme & CPD’s for Trees

Sep 5, 2023 | Energy Initiatives, Energy Saving, Recoup WWHRS

The Recoup CPD Programme started as part of the core business ecological ethos of increasing sustainability and reducing carbon generation. Along with a strong desire to break the standard mould of sending representatives around the country for meetings and presentations in person. Even prior to the virtual meetings growth since 2020, Recoup had started conducting most meetings online. The Covid period just made this more acceptable to some that may not have entertained it before.

In the last year, those initial foundations have been built upon further with the Recoup CPD Programme. Bespoke CPD presentations directed to specific market sectors, for specific teams and businesses. Conducted from an in-house demonstration and presentation space with green screen overlay, multiple cameras, and product displays. CPDs are broadcast as part of live pre-registered events or arranged meetings with individuals and smaller teams. The presenter appears in front of the camera and their presentation, all in view as if they were in the same room. The CPDs cover everything from introductory overviews to technical specification sessions and toolbox installation training. The space even provides the ability to quickly and easily link with onsite teams visually providing rapid problem-solving, whilst removing the need for site visits.

Looking forward Recoup aims to expand this again for exhibition events and merchant roadshows. Combining broadcasted live CPD content with onsite VR and augmented reality technology. Providing visitors with an improved interactive experience more sustainably and with lower carbon impact.

CPD Programme & CPDs for Trees

The Recoup CPD programme also includes the “CPD for Trees” incentive. Instead of providing sandwiches to ‘lunch-and-learn’ meetings, Recoup donates trees for every registered CPD attendee to be planted as part of ongoing global reforestation & sustainability projects via carbon-offsetting partner Ecologi. The aim is to make a further ecological difference whilst promoting sustainability within the UK construction sector. To date, over 10,200 trees have been planted as part of this initiative.

Since the start of the Recoup CPD programme over 500 people have taken part in main events. Working on an average of 5 people per session and a round trip of 200 miles travelled, this would have equated to 20,000 miles travelled. Using 2020’s average car CO2 emissions of 221.4 grams of CO2 per mile it equates to 4.4 tonnes of CO2 saved. This added to the 10,200 trees that when fully grown will be absorbing somewhere between 102 and 408 tonnes of CO2 per year.

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