Waste Water Heat Recovery for Showers

Barratt Homes use Recoup WWHRS in commitment to reduce customer carbon footprint

Aug 8, 2017 | Housebuilding

Housebuilder Barratt Homes in Basingstoke is demonstrating its commitment to becoming the nation’s leading sustainable housebuilder, by highlighting its drive for an increase in low carbon, energy efficient, homes.

With 29% of all energy use taking place in the home, the focus among construction professionals should be very much on creating sustainable homes that are kind to the environment,” said Barratt’s managing director Tim Hill.

Our focus is on helping to reduce the carbon footprint of all our customers. We do this with a combination of innovative and enhanced design – including additions like increased floor insulation and waste water heat recovery systems which capture and re-use heat.

Recoup produce a range of SAP-listed, highly efficient Waste Water Heat Recovery systems for Showers (WWHRS) which extract waste heat energy from used shower water in order to pre-heat the incoming cold feed. This simple solution offers one of the best ‘pound for points’ ratios of any SAP measure and is a true ‘fit and forget’ product, and ultimately can save up to 67% of the energy cost each time a shower is used (regardless of heat source).

Work to do to further improve the sustainability of our projects will continue to be part of our remit,” says Tim, “but Barratt is leading the way in terms of energy-efficiency and we intend to maintain this momentum over the coming months and years.”

Recoup_WWHRS have worked closely with Barratt Developments PLC since 2012, with their Recoup Pipe+ HE product winning the Barratt Supplier Excellence Award for “Best New Product” in 2013.

Tim continues, “It is far more difficult to make an older home more energy-efficient – fuel bills can be up to 55% higher for Victorian houses than those on our new developments – so we feel it is our responsibility to embed this idea in the very fabric of the new properties we design.

Ultimately, this is all about safeguarding the environment for future generations,” added Hill. “When we build homes, we are also helping to create new communities. Many residents will live at our developments for years to come, and we aim to ensure the energy they use – has minimum impact on their individual carbon footprints.

Barratt Homes latest development in Basingstoke, Chapel Gate is a superb collection of contemporary 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom new homes to the vibrant town of Basingstoke.

Sources: Article adapted from an original publication by The Business Magazine, on 03/08/17

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