Waste Water Heat Recovery for Showers

Recoup Pipe+ HE is now available to view at the Greenworks Academy

May 28, 2016 | Exhibitions

A demonstration display showcasing the Recoup Pipe+ HE was completed yesterday, installed at the Greenworks Academy’s building solutions and sustainability venue based in Birmingham.

Greenworks, which is part of the Saint Gobain group, offers specialist advice and training for trade professionals planning to expand into the renewable energy and sustainable building sector. The Academy houses a number of product displays providing its attendees and visitors with in-depth knowledge and resources pertaining to Sustainable building materials and innovative green technologies.

Green Works Sustainable Building Solutions Logo - Greenworks Academy

Marketing Manager Steven Smith commented on the display: “The demo unit is fantastic. It explains the process of heat recovery in a simple format and showcases the benefits the system has when implemented into a build to gain energy efficiency and the benefits to SAP. I believe both our colleagues and customers will be able utilise the demo unit to promote out to customers and to utilise within the build process respectively.”The Recoup display demonstrates our market-leading Waste Water Heat Recovery System which recovers waste heat energy from used shower water in order to pre-heat the incoming mains cold feed. This can result in up to two thirds of the waste energy being reused, saving energy and money for the end user; while helping to achieve code, and dramatically reducing build costs for the developer or self-builder. The display also allows you to view and select your chosen, SAP recognised installation method dependent on your project.

To see the display in action and find out how the Pipe+ HE can recover up to 67% of the energy wasted through each shower, contact us to arrange a demonstration at the Academy.

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