Waste Water Heat Recovery for Showers

Introducing Recoup Waste Water Heat Recovery for Showers (WWHRS)

Nov 24, 2022 | Presentations, Product News, Recoup WWHRS

Recoup are UK market leaders and specialists for Waste Water Heat Recovery (WWHRS). This 2-minute introduction provides the main information on what WWHRS is, the reason for using it, and how it works.

WWHRS is a simple heat recovery device that recycles the heat energy from waste shower water. It then uses it to preheat mains cold water and reuses it in the system. As a result, reducing the energy required per shower use by up to 55%. The energy that would normally go down the drain becomes reused. This reduces hot water requirements per shower use; lowers CO2 emissions and reduces household energy bills.

Additionally, WWHRS is a cost-effective compliance measure for housebuilders and developers looking to meet or exceed the new Part L building regulations. The high efficiency of Recoup products produce more SAP points, and therefore better value for new-build developers, the homeowner, and the environment.


Waste Water Heat Recovery Product Applications

Recoup offer a full portfolio of WWHRS products for houses, apartments, hotels, student accommodation, non-domestic, leisure and retrofit projects. The Recoup Pipe HEX vertical WWHRS provides incredible heat recovery efficiencies, a double-walled heat exchanger, easy first-fix installation, no end-user interaction, or planned maintenance and a market-leading 10-year guarantee.

The Recoup Easyfit+ is our primary retrofit solution, a horizontal heat exchanger designed to fit under a bath or suitably sized shower tray. Easily installed under an existing standard bath equipped with a thermostatic mixer shower. The Recoup Drain+ Range can be installed for ground-floor showers and wetrooms. Additionally, the soon-to-be-released Recoup Pipe HEX Active , our pumped vertical system, will provide all the benefits of the Pipe HEX to ground floor showers. Giving energy-saving WWHRS and minimal disruption outside of the bathroom or shower room space.

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