Waste Water Heat Recovery for Showers


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Waste Water Heat Recovery for Showers Introduction

Waste Water Heat Recovery for Showers (WWHRS) is likely to be one of those technologies you have been hearing about more and more in recent months. That’s why at Recoup, we have produced this quick 90-second CPS & PTS specific video to make your life as easy as possible for when your customers come into the branch requesting WWHRS. More content will be released over the coming weeks and months so keep an eye on our website and YouTube channel for more information and support. Please contact us for any further information.

Product Codes

Code                Item

475633             Pack code for the Recoup Pipe HEX high efficiency WWHRS vertical pipe and Recoup Pipe HEX installation pack
                                 (Pack code combines both required items, individual codes are 475630 for the Recoup Pipe HEX & 475638 for the Recoup Pipe HEX Installation Pack )

241111              Recoup WWHRS Easyfit+  High Efficiency Retrofit Stand-alone WWHRS

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