Waste Water Heat Recovery for Showers

Commercial & Leisure Buildings

Recoup’s range of WWHRS can make a dramatic impact on the showers used in Commercial & Leisure Buildings. We are involved with some of the following building types:

  • Offices – more and more people cycle and run before or during their working day, meaning shower usage is very high
  • Hotels – clearly a high user of hot water through showering every day of the year
  • Student accommodation – with all-inclusive bills, saving on hot water is a must
  • Leisure/sports clubs – high traffic with virtually users showering – helps with capacity and costs
  • WWHRS can also be used towards compliance ratings with SBEM & BREEAM

We work with some of the largest M&E designers and consultants helping to advise how our WWHRS can benefit their buildings both through code and through use. Contact us for advice, support or meeting requests.

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